THS Paper Standards

How to write a scholarly paper in Turabian format.


Format: Font is Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced, 1-inch borders, indenting new paragraphs


THS Heading Format: Title, Name, Class, Date. To simplify our procedures at THS Academy we do not require a title page, for the formatting of the heading please refer to the “Example-Paper” below.


Sentence structure: subject, verb, object.


Introduction: Make the entire case of your paper in summary. One sentence or two of introduction, one sentence for each main point, and one sentence for your conclusion.


Body: Each sentence from your introduction should be a paragraph. The paragraph should be succinct and easy to understand. Don’t use words you don’t know.


Conclusion: Summarize your findings, one sentence for each paragraph. Add any final thoughts or conclusions.


Quoting and Footnoting: Every point you make that is not your own should have a footnote added. Words that are not your own should have quotation marks around them. Words that are not your own should sound like you said but look like a quotation. Quotes that require more than 4 lines should be set in a single space and indented.


Bibliography: You will need to use a word processor to get it perfect. Ensure you use the Turabian format. There are many rules to be known, and you can consult the example, and also use


You will be using the Turabian format for three basic types of paper writing: summary papers, reflection papers, and research/argument papers. While the formatting is the same, each paper has a different purpose, and therefore a different tone and scope:

  • A summary paper is meant to condense the ideas found in a work, a text, or an assignment. Your job is to identify the main ideas and communicate them clearly.
  • A reflection paper is meant to capture your own thoughts about those main ideas.
  • A research/argument paper is meant to use other people’s main ideas in concert with one another, to prove your argument, or show a unique conclusion.


Writing an summary, reflections, or research/argument paper.

Click here for an example Paper: Example-Paper


Writing a one-page summary paper.

Click here for an example Summary: Example-Summary