5.2.4 C: Fact-oriented teaching style

  • Compliance with rules
  • Goal: Systematic knowledge transfer through factual analyses and facts
  • Teaching goal: systematic knowledge transfer through factual analyses and facts
  • Methodology: imparts facts and specialist knowledge; imparts knowledge primarily through lectures and targeted inquiries; likes to use practical examples; carefully structures the lessons; motivates the learners by setting precise goals and providing regular feedback; communicates very tactfully with the learners; relies on regular examinations to monitor learning success.
  • Expectations of learners: should adhere to the rules; prepare for lessons independently and on their own responsibility; contact the teacher when they need to talk; should make an effort to achieve the goals set.
  • They should be careful not to criticize learners too often; respond flexibly to different personalities; not set too high goals but adapt them to the learners’ level; allow room for project work and discussion; not put too much pressure on weaker students by many exams; make sure that learners learn “for themselves” and not just for the test.