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Biblical Overview

This course provides an overview of the content of the biblical books.

Character & Identity

How a person sees him or herself has a huge influence on that person’s view of the world and upon that person’s choices.

Church History I

The course covers the history of the church of its beginnings to the eve of the Protestant Reformation. Special emphasis is placed on the process of formation and development one's own Christian identity.

Church History II

This course covers Church History from the Protestant Reformation to the current time, based on selected events and developments. The course will follow the path of the Reformation from the European Continent to England and Scotland, and continue with the development of Protestant traditions in North America.

Church Planting

Goal: I understand various church-planting and church-growth models and their biblical foundations.


Effective communication in a group requires an understanding of both group dynamics and also how different communication practices function.

Conflict Management

Some theologians consider reason to be the natural ally of faith, while others think that reason is a tool of the devil. The reality is that humans are equipped with reason in the human tendency is to employ that reason.


The two letters to the Corinthians give insight into the life of the problems of a young Gentile-Christian church.


“Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God, but what resulted was the Church.” This quote from the French theologian Alfred Loisy (1857-1940), draws the entire set of problems of the Church, as well as the theology of the church (Ecclesiology) to a sharp point.

Evangelism and Marketing

You´ll learn how to help a person to become a disciple of Jesus and how you can use the tools of sales and marketing. The course combines theological insight with recent marketing technics.

Faith and Reason

Some theologians consider reason to be the natural ally of faith, while others think that reason is a tool of the devil. The reality is that humans are equipped with reason in the human tendency is to employ that reason.

Foundations of Ethics

“What should I do?” Every person asks this question countless times throughout life. Each time he or she does this, each time one reflects over one’s choices or actions, one is engaging at some level with the discipline of Ethics.


Genesis is the book of beginnings. The central themes of the creation of the world as well as the beginnings of the people of Israel are found here.

Gifts of the Spirit

“The Spirit of the Lord comes upon him: the spirit of wisdom and discernment, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.” This is a paraphrase of how the prophet Isaiah describes the working of the Spirit of God, who rests upon the Messiah.


The four canonical Gospels compose the main source that the Church has regarding the teaching and ministry of Jesus Christ. As such, their importance cannot be overestimated.


Plato and Aristotle developed their philosophy in the culture and the language of the Greeks.


Hebrew is the language of the Old Testament. Basic Hebrew skills are therefore important for in-depth theological training, and will be provided in this course.


ermeneutics involves the discipline and theories of understanding. Seen as a theological discipline, hermeneutics describes ways and/or theories of how to understand the Bible.


In this course, the fundamentals of an effective sermon will be presented and practiced.

Leader Development

Leadership is a biblical principle for the guiding and organization of structural units, such as the family, or a people, or governments.

Learning Strategies

An important part of a person’s personality is his or her style of learning. When a student understands his or her personality and style of learning,

Liturgy and Worship

The worship service expresses and signifies the heart of a Christian congregation’s existence. For this reason, one of the central tasks of a church leader is the design and celebration of the worship service.

Organization Development

A church is an organization. As such, church leaders need to develop skill in the construction of structures and strategies.

Pastoral Counseling

In the course of church history, a number of different soul-care practices have been developed, in order to meet the pastoral needs of people as well as possible.

Political Systems

Every Christian is also a citizen of his or her society and nation. The New Testament contains the command to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to be subject to the civil authorities.

Prophetic Books

It is widely misunderstood that the Old Testament books of the biblical prophets have primarily to do with forecasting the future.


One of the main pastoral tasks is providing biblical counsel for congregation members. The necessary knowledge and skills for this practice are best won in specific courses and practical training exercises. Foundational to this is a basic understanding of the various facets of modern Psychology.

Romans and Galatians

In his “Introduction to the Epistle to the Romans” (1522), Martin Luther wrote, “This epistle is the proper heart of the New Testament in the clearest expression of the Gospel.


The foundation of good leadership is the reality that a leader needs to manage or lead him or herself. How well one practices self-management often defines the extent to which one is able to lead a group or organization.

Small Groups

Small groups should always be considered as part of the central foundation that facilitates discipleship and spiritual growth of individuals in a dynamically growing church.

Team Leadership

Changing the world with the right team! God has given each person unique abilities and gifts, that contribute to the spread of the kingdom of God.

The Trinity

The Trinity signifies the revelation of one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

World Religions

The course “World Religions” presents the religious world outside of the Christian faith, although the term, World Religions cannot be said to have a clear meaning.