Where do I get my apprenticeship training?

Your first step is to find a placement church. There are two ways to find one:

  1. You find your placement church

Either your own church is willing to train you or you know a church where you would like to be trained. Call us and talk with the office about this possibility. The church has no cost for this, however we require them to pay a small fee of 29$ per month for the use of our App. It helps us to improve this service.

  1. You call us and we will help you find one

We have churches who are looking for people just like you. Give us a call and we talk about it. We have the experience to plug you right in where you can find good soil to grow.

This process can take place even before your actual enrollment in the classes. It usually takes 3 months to get all the decisions made. So start today. Although we require a full term of 3 years altogether it is possible for you to either take a break or change the placement church within your apprenticeship. We will provide you with the right paperwork to make it all happen. Of course your church can cover some of your tuition. You can ask them.

If you are a pastor yourself and already have a spiritual ministry we can help in providing a mentor/coach for you. The process is then a little different but you will be able to make it. Maybe you have a coach already who can function as Instructor.