What am I supposed to do?

The THS Apprenticeship is designed with the pastors in mind. We know that you are working hard. So expect this program to be as easy as possible on your schedule. But you should be able to spent about 1 hour/week on average with your apprentice. Keep in mind that there are recurring tasks each trimester. Plan ahead for them so things flow easily. Besides these tasks you can of course spend time with your apprentice talking, praying and taking him or her with you wherever you go.

1. Schedule a 3×3 meeting

At the end of each trimester, you have a conversation with your apprentice. There you cover all the topics of the nine disciplines of the 3×3 program. Plan for about 90 minutes to cover all the 70 questions.

Some thoughts for preparation

Have the apprentice send you their Self evaluation before you start. They already know that they have to do this, but it helps if you set a certain time when these evaluations have to be on your desk. Read through it and see which disciplines might be more important to cover than others.

  • Download the THS App and log in.
  • Make sure the other evaluations for the trimester are completed. The apprentice must have 4 sermon evaluations, 1 group evaluation and 3 references from other people (in the 1 trimester you can have a grace period though.)
  • Pray for guidance so to see what the Holy Spirit has for your apprentice

During the meeting

  • Pray together at the beginning.
  • Be ready to cover some disciplines more and others less. You cannot go over every question in depth each time. You might, for example,  focus more on character building in the beginning.
  • Use the App for documentation. This way after your meeting there is nothing more for you to do.
  • Make sure to set realistic goals and check on the progress of these goals. The apprentice has to learn to focus on achieving set goals.


2. Sermon evaluation

Each apprentice should hand in 4 sermons for evaluation each trimester. These can be actual sermons but also teachings in a small group, a leadership meeting, outreach, video or written sermons. You do not have to evaluate them all by yourself, however, you should at least cover 2 of them each trimester to keep track of the progress.

Evaluate within the THS App.

3. Group evaluation

One of the core projects for the apprentice is to develop a small group. Make sure you are there once every trimester and do the evaluation. This way you discover how the apprentice uses their gifting’s and also what to teach them. Sometimes you may delegate this, but try to be there as often as you can. There are 3 group evaluation meetings per year.

4. Reference evaluation

We ask the apprentice to have 3 people beside you to evaluate them on character disciplines. One should be a member of their group. One should be another staff member or co-worker, one should be another leader in your organization. This way you see how others perceive the student. Talk about differences between self-evaluation and how others see them.

5. Project reports

Apprentices are required to conduct 30 written project reports during their 3-year apprenticeship. There are both voluntary and mandatory projects. Voluntary projects are meant as a suggestion – you as an instructor can choose other projects as well. You will be asked for these projects in the course of the 3×3 meeting. Projects are typically things they do anyway in your organization. This can be outreach, a worship night or a conflict they need to resolve. However, there are a few projects we require as mandatory. Such as a 5 day silence and solitude retreat. This is an ancient discipline similar to fasting. There are other mandatory projects they must do, your help would be valuable. Please read through the project forms, as a part of the apprenticeship and provide feedback to the apprentice. If the project is insufficient or incomplete, please advise the apprentice to revise it. You will find a list of all projects at the end.

6. Self evaluation

At the end of each trimester, the apprentice will write an evaluation based on questions and tasks in the practicum. This report will include the number of hours that the apprentice committed to the practicum (this should add up to 25 hours per trimester and a total of 225 hours all together).