4. SO – What can we do?

Goal: To become practical. Now you go back down into the valley. What should your listeners take with them? How can they make practical use of what they’ve heard? It should be a practical thing like an easy to repeat the exercise, a sentence, or a small object that you give your listeners. The feeling of the listener should be now: Yes, I want to do that…


Method: You give a practical impact of your sermon on the way into the valley.

  • Exercises
  • Exchange in the round or in pairs
  • Writing down homework
  • Interaction
  • Give things to “remember”
  • prayer/blessing


Exercise: Consider two different endings for your topic


  1. Exchange in twos: One who has already had a lot of experience with God’s speeches with one who has more difficulties with them. Take concrete exercises with you!
  2. Blessing time: Anyone who has experienced God’s speaking for others should join with an inexperienced person and bless another. Afterward, both should exchange.


Write down your SO ending here.

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