3. SEE – I explain the core message of the text to the listeners

Goal: The listeners should get a deeper insight into the topic. You are now standing on the top of the mountain and looking out over the surrounding land. You slow down now and work out the central idea point by point. Important: Always pick up where you left off! Repeat it from time to time. The points must build on each other. You can also express the possible state of the listeners out loud.


Method: Presentation of the target idea of the sermon (maximum 3 – better one) Examples from the Bible

  • Examples from my life
  • Examples from other media/stories
  • Interviews
  • Metaphors from nature or science

Exercise: Continue your topics by explaining three different points.


Example: So it is very easy to hear God when you are his “sheep”. You just have to learn to trust and verify that it is God who feeds your thoughts. But: There are other problems that people have with talking to God!


Three people from the bible who had problems with the speaking of God:

Sarah – Because she trusted in his weakness instead of God’s power

Jonah – Because he would not obey

King Ahaz – Because he was fearful of man

(Pick out the spots yourself. You can find a good tool on


The consequence: crises, punishment, no spiritual growth, going in circles, …

Are you in such a state of consequence right now?


Use a maximum of 3 SEE points of your sermon