Questions within the group evaluation

What is the setting this evaluation took place?
A strong beginning: Group members were greeted warmly, and extra attention was given to new members.
A purposeful event leadership, with a central theme/goal and smooth transition between steps.
The balance between initiative-talking and active listening to others was appropriate.
Biblical teaching/principles were central, and it was applied practically to the tasks.
Good conclusion: The main theme/goal was repeated/reviewed.
The atmosphere was filled with love and joy.
Decorations employed to enhance hospitality and visualize the main theme.
Creativity (the senses were engaged) added depth to the theme.
Visitors were engaged at their level and integrated into event. Difficult situations were appropriately overcome.
Prayer was a passionate and foundational practice before, during, and after the meeting.
Spiritual intensity: The presence of the Holy Spirit was notable.
Team members were enthusiastically engaged and functions/responsibilities were well assigned to them.
The vision of the group was/became clearly articulated.
Summarize your impression of the meeting with a few sentences. Give suggestions what to change.
What can THS Academy do to improve this evaluation?