Project reports

As an apprentice you will focus on completing 3-4 of these projects each trimester(30 total). As you complete the project you will complete a 1 page summary of what you learned during the project and how it helped you in you current Spiritual discipline. This will follow the guidelines of the example summary in the introduction course.

1. I love God with all my heart I got to know the prayer work of the placement churchvoluntary
I have more fear of God than of man (I am dependent on God and not on man)voluntary
I spent a week in a monastery setting during the training periodmandatory
I have had the following experiences with “intercession”:voluntary
I have had the following experiences with “prophecy”:voluntary
I have had the following experiences with “longer language prayer”:voluntary
I have had the following experiences with “prayer war”:voluntary
I have had the following experience with “healing”:voluntary
I have had the following experiences with “demon exorcism”:voluntary
Organising and leading prayer evenings (fasting and prayer evenings; fasting weeks …)voluntary
Or to be determined freely by the instructor
2. my love attracts peopleI have reconciled with my family of originvoluntary
I know the different developmental phases of a personvoluntary
I can take myself back well and respect the other person more highly than myself.voluntary
I have gained an overview of psychology and psychotherapy.voluntary
I have counseled or mentored a person for at least 3 times and made the following observations.Mandatory
I am able to love very difficult people and have consciously experienced this in a personvoluntary
I have studied the subject of forgiveness (Bible Internet …) and have come to the following conclusionvoluntary
Or to be determined freely by the instructor
3. I am happy I have dealt with the subject of gratitude (Bible, Internet …) and have come to the following conclusion voluntary
I have studied and evaluated a personality profile (DISC, Enneagram, etc.) Mandatory
I have organized and carried out a “simple- -fun” action (party, travel, …)voluntary
I have dealt with the subject of humility (Bible Internet …) and have come to the following conclusionvoluntary
I know my personal strengths and weaknesses. I can name them and enjoy working on them.voluntary
Or to be determined freely by the instructorvoluntary
4. I preach with authority I know the difference between expository and thematic preaching and have practised both voluntary
First I ask God what HE wants to say to the listeners. Afterwards I see change in the lives of the participants voluntary
I’ve preached about money, sex, hellMandatory
I have developed a series of topics on a complex and/or difficult themeMandatory
Or to be determined freely by the instructor
5. I overcome crises and conflicts easily I am good in forgiving people who have hurt me and I do not hold grudges voluntary
I can quickly ask forgiveness voluntary
I can let my thoughts and feelings be guided by God’s Spirit even in difficult times voluntary
Staff training in the area of conflict and crisis management.Mandatory
I can identify and address the need and the core of a conflict. voluntary
Or to be determined freely by the instructor
6. I have my goal constantly before my eyes I have run a major event (evangelism outreach, camp, retreat, camp over several days) with several staff, finances and registrationMandatory
I have made a plan for my private finances and can present itvoluntary
I dealt with the subject of power and abuse of power and formed a biblical opinion.voluntary
I have developed and implemented a budget planvoluntary
I carry out an annual plan for my group / community voluntary
I have created an organizational chart of my church organization. voluntary
I have prepared and arranged a financial report voluntary
Public relations: writing press releases, establishing contact with the media voluntary
I know growth-oriented structures and can implement them voluntary
I know the model of a product cycle and can implement it for my projects voluntary
I can plan a marketing campaign voluntary
Or to be determined freely by the instructor
7. I lead people to Jesus I have planned and carried out an evangelistic campaign.Mandatory
I have a biblically influenced understanding of salvation, healing, suffering, death and eternity and can convey these topicsvoluntary
I have conducted evangelism training in my groupvoluntary
I have conducted evangelistic services and people are convertingvoluntary
I can easily explain my testimony and have written it downvoluntary
I have conducted an evangelistic course over the period of several weeks.Mandatory
Or to be determined freely by the instructor
8. my participants lead people to Jesus I know the discipleship concept of the church. I have implemented discipleship in my group as follows:Mandatory
 I teach my co-workers in herding people, I keep an MA booklet where I write down where they are and what they need.voluntary
I have been studying the topic of group dynamicsMandatory
I create series of themes for the whole year, in which I pay attention to a balanced spiritual nourishment. I also tackle difficult issues.voluntary
I lead a free time with my group(s) with staff, financial plan and spiritual theme.voluntary
I know about growth crises and barriers and know where my group currently standsvoluntary
Or to be determined freely by the instructor
9. I bring forth leaders I can get visions from God, pass them on and win people.Mandatory
I studied Jesus as a leader and thought about how I could implement this in my life.Mandatory
My co-workers take over a sermon and group leadership 1-2 times per trimester and receive feedback from mevoluntary
I have prepared a job description.Mandatory
I have attended leadership meetings in my church and have learned the followingvoluntary
I know and understand group dynamic processes.voluntary
I know how to take employees off the jobvoluntary
I have a concept for new employees to familiarise them with the company in a meaningful wayvoluntary
I can lead the employees to their limits and help them to overcome themvoluntary
I develop the leadership competence of my employeesvoluntary
I carry out regular staff training, in which I teach, set and achieve goalsMandatory
I have appointed an employee as a leader and he is independently leading a groupvoluntary
know different forms of organization and apply them meaningfully in my group / community I can explain the accountability structures.voluntary
Or to be determined freely by the instructor