A new way to learn: Instructor and Apprentice

You are about to walk on a road not traveled by many. Being willing to share feelings, experience and life together requires faith. Jesus called it discipleship.

First, instructors, thank you for being available to train leaders in your organization. Multiplication always starts with a person who is willing to invest in another person. So, every minute you spend here will have a significant impact in God’s kingdom. And this is what it is all about, right?

As an instructor, it is your job to ensure the quality of the THS apprenticeship program within your organization. Some things are already set because of academic requirements but many things are up to you and your spiritual evaluation.  Take a look at this video to get a brief overview of the program.

Second, apprentice, you are about to get changed over the next years. It will be tough sometimes, but you will have breakthroughs in areas where you didn’t believed it was possible. It will be a time you probably always remember back.

The Apprenticeship is part of your academic training for your Bachelor of pastoral leadership. When all the evaluations are done you’ll receive up to 56 credits (amount may vary) by just do what you do anyhow: teach, lead groups and organize events. Sounds good, right?

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