Academic Standards

Academic System:
  • 3 year bachelor degree program
  • 36 courses total,
  • Every trimester: 4 courses (2 light/2 heavy)
  • Every trimester: 1 essay and 3 multiple choice final exams


  • Class participation (30%),
  • Reading assignments (30%),
  • Final tests or paper (40%).
Here are some things to keep in mind: 
  • You will be in class Monday through Wednesday from 8 am (PST) until about 1 pm (PST). 
  • Please be sure to log in and explore the online academy before the first day of class, so that you are familiar with the system.
  • All of our online lectures are held in the online academy through Google Meet. If you use an Apple computer you will need to download firefox or chrome for the program to work. 
  • During the live lectures, you will participate in various learning exercises and discussions with classmates from all over the world.
Since this is a fully online program, you will need the following: 
  • A laptop or computer 
  • Strong internet connection
  • A writing program; such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs. 
  • Something to take notes on during a lecture
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