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OPEN SEP 02, 2019 – SEP 02, 2020 325 $
Evangelization and marketing
You´ll learn how to help a person to become a disciple of Jesus and how you can use the tools of sales and marketing. The course combines theological insight with recent marketing technics.

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What you´ll learn

Evangelism and Marketing: Evangelism, promotion for church work
Evangelization has become a stepchild of church activities. Many spiritual leaders are insecure when confronted with the theme of evangelism. This course aims to show what practical basics of biblical evangelism are..

The student should recognize the spiritual conditions for evangelization in a personal and congregational context and find a healthy and sustainable way of evangelization for the community.

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The lessons are kept very practice-oriented. The student is required to share the gospel and a personal testimony of his faith. He / she should learn to lead a conversion- prayer, to give an evangelistic sermon and to make an altar call. He also learns to develop different concepts of marketing and evangelism for a church.

OPEN SEP 02, 2019 – SEP 02, 2020
325 $

Contents of the course in detail

Evangelism and Marketing: Evangelism, promotion for church work
  • What is evangelism?
  • What is marketing and what do the two topics have in common?
  • How do I lead a person to faith?
  • What do I have to explain how, so that a person can convert?
  • What is conversion and what is a decision?
  • How do I lead a faith based conversation?
  • Which forms of evangelism are the most effective for the church?
  • How do I motivate people for evangelism?
  • What is a USP, how do I develop one for my church/community and different products of my community?
  • What does the Bible say about that? Biblical examples?
  • What are the typical mistakes you can make as a pastor/leader in the area of ​​evangelization and marketing?
  • Which areas of the church should be evangelistic?
  • What is the sales funnel, how do I develop one for my church/community
  • How to actually built a evangelistic funnel and how to measure the progress?
  • What is a call-to-action? Where should I install, measure and improve it?
  • What is the conversion rate and retention rate?
  • Why there is a “evangelization phobia” in a church?
  • What is content marketing and how do I develop the right content for me?
  • What is inbound marketing and how do I use it?
  • What marketing tools are available that can be used by the church/community?
  • How much budget should I use for evangelism and church marketing?
  • What is the external presentation, logo and CI?


Inga M. Haase

Final exam

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