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Live videoteaching + e learning plattform
  • The tutor guided courses, include a mix of webinar and e-learning platform.
  • About 40% of the students learning time is spent in interactive live webinars.
  • During the live webinars, students participate in various learning exercises and discussions with classmates all over the world.


E learning plattform with all 36 courses
  • This program is tailored to students that need to study at their own pace, independent from a strict schedule.
  • Students watch recorded instructor videos and work through the e-learning platform.
  • They also have access to several instructors and other students for questions or class discussions.


According to the tutor guided courses
  • THS Students interact and learn with their international classmates.
  • THS aims to open various campuses all over the world!
  • If you would like to open a THS Campus in your city, contact our office at office@ths-academy.com